Ask Agatha

Agatha is the Sutton and District Society's very own referee specialist. If you have a burning question you would like to ask a football referee with regards to refereeing and the game of football but were afraid to ask then send us an email

Questions and Answers

Q A full back races after a winger and tries a sliding tackle right in the corner, but slides off the pitch. Desperate to get back in play, he grabs the base of the corner flag post and uses it to pull himself on to the pitch. he make a clean tackle while on the pitch.

Is this legal...

Q A striker, in possession inside the opposition penalty area is unable to stop his momentum carrying him over the goal line. But in the instant he crosses the goal line, with the ball still in play, a chasing defender fouls him sending him flying. He was off the pitch at the time he was fouled.

Is it a penalty?
Q You're in charge of a Championship game. Just after the start of the second half, the away captain, still angry for a series of off-side decisions in the first half, runs over and complains that the linesman have failed to change ends. They've stayed in the same halves of the field.

What do you do?